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    SKELETAL - The Beauty of Simplicity

    The theme of simplicity came to mind while viewing an x-ray of a recent hand injury (although the inner structure of the miracle of the human hand is far from simple).

    I have chosen these selections for their simple beauty. PEACE PIECE by the brilliant Bill Evans is the most poignant, mesmerizing sixteen measures I have encountered. This version of GEORGIA by the Swedish arranger Borje Sandquist is a relaxed, dreamy gem for the classical guitar. PORTRAIT by Staney Myers (composer of CAVATINA) is a bit more mellow and, perhaps, sadder than CAVATINA, but very beautiful.

    January 2007

  • Peace Piece - Bill Evans
  • Two Guitars - Russian Traditional
  • Etude - Op. 60, No. 3 - Matteo Carcassi
  • Lullaby - Chinese Traditional
  • Bourree - Johann Krieger
  • Study in E minor - Francisco Tarrega
  • La Filla del Marxant - Catalan Folksong
  • Andante - Op. 60 - Matteo Carcassi
  • La Estrellita - Manuel Ponce
  • Lagrima - Francisco Tarrega
  • Georgia on My Mind - Hoagy Carmichael
  • Portrait - Stanley Myers

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