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    Spoken Music - Música Hablada Pablo Neruda Vol 1:

    A tribute to Pablo Neruda. Readings in Spanish and English with guitar accompaniment.

    Un homenaje a Pablo Neruda. Lecturas en Español y Inglés con acompañamiento de guitarra.

1 Prelude - II Postino Theme guitar solo
2 Ode to my Joy Margaret Brown
3 Oda a la Alegría  
4 Ode to the Apple Nonnie Cullipher
5 Oda a la Manzana  
6 Ode to Color Green Shirley Bradley
7 Oda al Color Verde  
8 Ode to the Plate Rebecca Kemp
9 Oda al Plato  
10 Ode to Bees Margaret Brown
11 Oda a la Abeja  
12 Ode to the Guitar Nonnie Cullipher
13 Oda a la Guitarra  
14 Ode to the Dog Nancy Wilson
15 Oda al Perro  
16 Ode to the Air Pan Goodhand
17Oda al Aire  
18 Ode to Yellow Flowers Laurianne Ross
19 Oda a unas Flores Amarillas  
20 Ode to Sadness Ruth Ilg
21 Oda a la Tristeza  

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