compact discs: Fresco

    "The guitar is an intensely personal in an impersonal world. There is no obstacle between the instrument and the heart -- only a slight layer of skin on the fingertips... The guitar is a small voice in the midst of the world's noise. That is why the world is listening."  -- Andres Segovia

    My inspiration for this recording became solidified while in Vienna for a visit and performance in September, 2000. The incredible setting (and acoustics) of the Belvedere Palace (ca. 1730), originally the residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy, is a musician's dream come true. Being there and reflecting on the wonderful Austrian and Viennese musical history and culture could not help but inspire. Immediately came the realization that this would likely be an album without end if I should play all my favorites. Thus I have chosen from among these favorites little pieces which portray the guitar as I see it - a small orchestra of delightful beauty. In acknowledgement of my Vienna mood, however, I determined that the first selection had to be Mozart. -- George Andrews


  • Minuet II - from Serenade in Eb - W.A. Mozart
  • Praeludium - Manuel Ponce
  • Marieta - Francisco Tarrega
  • Rosita - Francisco Tarrega
  • El Noy de la Mare - trad. Catalan folksong
  • Danza del Altiplano - Leo Brouwer
  • Bouree - from Third cello Suite - J.S. Bach
  • Capricho Arabe - Francisco Tarrega
  • Canarios - Gaspar Sanz
  • Españoletas - Gaspar Sanz
  • Sakura - Japanese folksong - arr. Y. Yocoh 
    • Introduction
    • Theme
    • Variation
    • Coda
  • Minuets I & II - Magdalena Notebooks - J.S. Bach
  • Mazurka - Federico Bufaletti
  • Cavalina - from the Deer Hunter - S. Myers 

 c. 2000

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